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Baby Gifting

I feel like for the past 12 months I've regularly known roughly one, two or three people having babies. There's definitely something in the air. Or the waters I'm not sure...

So I thought it would be fitting to share our top 5 baby gift ideas.


1. Huxbaby has without a doubt become one of the most popular baby clothing brands. It's minimalistic, gender neutral, organic and looks oh so cute on little people! The hardest thing when buying hux whether it's for your own babe or for a gift, is to not go on a crazy rampage and buy it all!


2. Pretty Brave create some pretty fashionable little shoes if I do say so myself! Designed in New Zealand and made with love these small but mighty leather shoes are an absolute must for any tiny adventurer. From sandals to espadrilles, high tops and more, these are for sure a gift that you can't walk past! 


3. The brand Nana Huchy was started by a lady who we know personally to be a creative genius. The range includes rattles, dolls, animals and fairies, all of which we can assure you are uniquely adorable! Our best seller is and probably always will be Emme the Elephant, and she arrived back in stock today!


4. Milk baby products are a super practical present that you know will be used! The packaging looks great and the product names are even greater. You can choose from the Spotty Tots soothing cream, Snotty Grotty room spray, Moisturising Qweam, Stinky Winky odour neutralising spray and more!


5. Emu Australia's baby booties and toddler ugg's are simply adorable. They are made from premium Australian suede lined with merino wool for extra breathable warmth! The most suitable gift coming into winter. They come in a range of colours and some cute animal designs, because who can resist dressing their little one in ladybird booties?


We also have a little giveaway for you all! YAY!!

Make a purchase over $50 in the next 7 days and you will go into the draw to win a Hux baby romper, Nana Huchy Bella the Bunny and a pair of Pretty Brave soft top booties, total value $139.85.



Written by Chelsea Hope




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