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Brand Highlight - Balm Balm Co

australian made Balm Balm Co Bath and Body Bath Soak brand highlight Lip balm natural organic

Often when we have children we start to think more consciously about what we are putting on their skin. We start to realise that a lot of the products out there are full of chemicals and are not only bad for us but also bad for our environment. And this is exactly how Balm Balm Co was born. 

Apolline, the creative behind Balm Balm Co had given birth to her first child and felt the responsibility was hers to ensure that the choices she was making now wouldn't have an impact on him later in life and this also made her think more about the products she was using on herself as well!

Like most of us, she started to look more closely at the ingredients in any skincare, health and baby products but found it very difficult to decipher all of them - which in itself is a little alarming!

She became very passionate about using essential oils as a natural, toxic free alternative to so many other products and discovered that not only did they work but they often worked better!

After a great deal of research to ensure she would get the best results for each product, friends and family started to ask her to make balms for them. And from there Balm Balm Co was born, Apolline following her passion and getting to help people use natural products that achieve dream results.

Every product at Balm Balm co is made with love and care, there’s no ‘extras’ or ‘fillers’, just a pure, wholesome product.

All of us at Hope & Me have one of the lip balms in our handbag at the ready and we can also highly recommend the beautifully packaged bath salts for when you need to soak, relax and rejuvenate! The Balm Balm Co products are perfect gift ideas too!

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