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Art Focus

AT Hope & Me we may be a little biased but we are lucky enough to stock a range of beautiful artwork by various talented artists, Prudence Caroline, Brent Rosenberg and Antoinette Ferwerda. 

In our opinion a great place to start when redecorating or styling your house is by selecting a piece of art first. There's no shortage on choices for cushions, throw rugs and bed linen, in every colour imaginable. Which means it's much easier to find colours and textures that will go with the artwork you've chosen rather than trying to match a masterpiece with the textiles you've already purchased.

Whether its a soft or edgy look you're after you can use the artwork as a guide when choosing texture and colouring of all the pieces you put in your home such as floor rugs, bed linen, throw's, cushions maybe even a statement arm chair. 

For example something that has softer edges and colour's that aren't as bold we wouldn't suggest you put it in a room with dark coloured furnishings or textiles.  

Where as for something that does have those bold colours and sharper edges it gives you the feel of being able to pair it with bolder choices. 

Here we've made sure the bulk of our styling ties in with Miss Willow. Something as simple as adding the black fur cushion to give it that extra depth so it doesn't look like a colourful mess. 

Here's a look at something new by Brent Rosenberg that will be hitting Hope & Me very soon - Miss Florence.

For all artwork enquiries please contact the store as there are a variety of options that are available. 


Written by Chelsea Hope 



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