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The New

Society of Wanderers

WE have new season Society of Wanderer's arriving soon and let me tell you we are OBSESSED!

All of Society of Wanderer's luxurious products are made from 100% French Flax Linen. There are a couple of massive upsides to french flax linen, NO ironing required which is especially great for someone like me who doesn't even own an ironing board! Plus your SOW bed linen will also get better with age as it will soften with wear.

Their colour palette is always so unique and this season's collection is no exception, with the addition of the most eye catching doubled sided leopard/wiggle print quilt, I think one of these will be finding it's way onto my bed!

When we got our first look at this season's range it was everything we could've hoped for and we wanted to show you what's coming before it lands in store. Due to it's serious popularity there isn't a lot available so if you want to get your hands on some now's the time to start planning your new bed makeover.


First of all is my personal favourite, we will have both standard and euro pillowcases available in Leopard print. I drool every time I look at these!


Now I can't look past the denim and denim ruffle! We will have the standard pillowcases in both denim and ruffle, euro pillowcases in denim and duvet cover's in denim king and queen. Another new addition is also wide stripe in standard and euro pillowcases and thin stipe in standard pillowcases.


Olive is one of my all time favourite colours whether it's clothing, bags or homewares! We have the standard pillowcases coming in this luxe colour! Pictured below is a new pattern "wiggles" it also features on the double sided leopard quilt. We will have both standard and euro pillowcases coming in this style.


Saving the best for last... The new leopard/wiggle print double sided quilt is an absolute beauty! It looks it's best thrown over the blue denim or a neutral duvet cover. Or maybe you'd prefer it wrapped around you on the couch! Or both. These quilt covers are a saviour if you live in both a colder climate or a warmer climate as it adds more warmth than a blanket over your existing duvet cover but you can also use it on it's own as a thin bed cover.


If you have any enquiries on what's to come please contact Lindi in store. We will be sure to let you know when it's arrived and available for purchase online and in store.


Written by Chelsea Hope




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