To our valued customers, please be cautious there is currently a fraudulent website imitating Hope & Me. This is the only online stored linked to our business.
To our valued customers, please be cautious there is currently a fraudulent website imitating Hope & Me. This is the only online stored linked to our business.
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Skin Favourites

For a while now i've been using the same skin products over and over again, because i can't seem to bring myself to try anything new and they're all just so damn good.

Three years ago for Mothers day i purchased the Alpha-H A-List kit for my mum, which i think back then was actually called the anti ageing kit - sorry mum! Being the daughter i am i got a little bit of use out of this kit as well (whats mum's is mine right?). So a couple of months later my 18th birthday rolled around and this will go down as one of the most bizarre 18th birthday present requests but, i asked for skincare. More specifically Alpha H skincare, now three years on I'm still using it!

So as Mother's day is coming up it's inspired me to share with you my favourite skin products thus far!


Alpha H have the greatest sampler kit in the world, you can choose 5 travel size goodies to test out for just $59.95! Here are my top 5 picks: Balancing Cleanser, i cannot go morning or night without cleaning my face with this! Instant Facial, it's exactly what it claims to be and i love it for it.


Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+, something that none of us ever do enough is protect our skin from the sun. This SPF moisturiser is not greasy at all so no excuse for not putting it on under your makeup. Vitamin C serum, when something boasts plumper, firmer and radiant skin who can say no. Lastly Liquid Gold, if you haven't heard of Alpha's Liquid Gold by now you must be living under an instagramless rock! It's the bomb! samplerkit.aspx 


The Base by Lara Bingle is a brand i swear by, i've never tried a bad product! Three little beauty faves of mine are the LB Cream with SPF 15. I use this on the days i don't want to wear foundation but also don't want to leave the house with my bare scary white face. Velvet Bronzing Makeup Base, this is soo versatile but my favourite way to use it is to apply it over my foundation under my cheekbones and around my big 5head with a damp beauty blender to warm up my face. Skin Illuminator in Shimmer is just the prettiest thing i ever did see, it's basically a liquid highlight you can use it on all high points of your face or mix a little bit in with your foundation for a summer glow in winter! cosmetics


Finding a good fake tanning product is hard and trust me i know because i'm almost as white as they come! My three favourite products are J Bronze Dark Tanning Mousse, The Base Instant Tan Mousse and The Base Gradual Tanning Lotion. J Bronze gives me the best colour pay off on my skin tone, it's not green it's not red it's just perfect. The Base Instant Tan smells amazing, it dries on your skin so quickly and it fades without notice, no patchy area's and easy to scrub off! The Base Gradual Tanning Lotion is amazing for prolonging your tan whether it be fake or real, this also smells delightful. tanning


So there you have it! All tried and tested by myself, some skin essentials you should put on your to try list.


Written by Chelsea Hope




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