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Embracing Those Curls

Something a little bit different on our blog tonight!

This one's for all the 'curly girls' out there as well as anyone who is looking for hair products that are not only amazing for your hair but also for our future eco sustainability, after all we want to leave our planet in good shape for our kids and future generations, am I right?

So if you were born with curly hair chances are you have spent a decent portion of your life not really loving them or knowing what the hell to do with them!

I definitely had some disastrous trips to the hairdresser in my teenage years! From  coming out with my hair brushed (every girl with curly hair just screwed up their faces because this is a BIG no no!) to a close cut mullet that would have rivalled most of the Aussie rules footballers in the 80's! And then there was the really bad layering episode that left me looking like the girl in the new movie Little! TRUTH!!



Thankfully these experiences are in the past but I have never really embraced my curls so my solution most of the time was to pin it up or for the last few years have it straightened every time I went to the hairdressers.

So I decided that the time had come to learn to at least like my curls, I turn 50 next year so it's probably about time to accept that this is what I have so embrace it! So with great encouragement from my hairdresser CJ (also a curly girl, who has always embraced her curls!) at Salon Nolas I embarked on my new journey in January.

Over that time I've used a couple of different products but recently one of my besties started distributing Davines (check out their website there are so many awesome products for all hair types and also read their story about how they use renewable energy, packaging that minimizes the environmental impact and investing in inidigenous plants for their products  ensuring the strong genetic heritage of those plants is not lost and heaps more great things!) and my haridresser also started stocking it! So of course I thought I should give it a try!

So my favourite product is the Curl Building Serum it's a curly hair game changer and rather than rabbit on about it check out these two photos, (excuse the amateur selfies) first photo is back in January when I first started the curl journey and the second is after using the new serum for about a month! Saaaaah much curlier! The results speak for themselves! And I can honestly say I now love my curls 90% of the time - I still have my moments!

If you want to know more about these products or any other products in the range and you live locally Salon Nolas is having a launch day this Saturday at their salon, Shop 28 Yorktown Square (ph 6334 3787) from 2.30pm to 4.00pm. Come along and have a glass of bubbles watch a demo or two and hopefully there's a product that will change the way you think about your hair! Oh and Ingrid who is the distributor here in Tas will be there too, she'll be able to give you all the technical explanations about why these products are so amazing!


Lindi x












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