To our valued customers, please be cautious there is currently a fraudulent website imitating Hope & Me. This is the only online stored linked to our business.
To our valued customers, please be cautious there is currently a fraudulent website imitating Hope & Me. This is the only online stored linked to our business.
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Skin Routine

SO as my skin favourites post a while back has proven to be our most popular blog post to date I thought it would be nice to go into a little more detail on my actual skincare routine, how I use things and when! 

Now prepare yourself because majority of these products will be Alpha H, what can I say it's the bee's knees! BUT I have some new products in store for you all one from Alpha and some from a new brand I'm going to give a spin. 


For my morning routine i'll start with cleansing my skin with the Alpha H Balancing Cleanser, I seriously could not live without this! It leaves my skin smooth as a baby's butt. Then i'll go in with my Vitamin C Serum this is a great all rounder but I especially love using it to reduce my pigmentation as I have verrrrry pale skin that shows redness easily!


Next I use my Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+ it's important to use an SPF product everyday and especially after using the Vitamin C Serum to lock it all in and block out the sun's UV. I highly recommend this moisturiser because it is not greasy at all! Occasionally i'll also put on my instant facial beforehand for extra hydration.


First thing I do at night is remove my make up from the day. The best thing I can recommend to anyone is to go and get yourself some micellar water!! I've been using face wipes ever since I can remember and I wish i'd bought micellar water sooner! It's so much more gentle on your face you just pour some onto a round cotton face pad, wipe all over your face and your make up comes off with ease. The best one i've used is the Caudalíe Micellar Water, you can also buy cheap ones from the super market that are just as good! Then once again i'll cleanse my skin with my Balancing Cleanser to get any extra make up off.


The next two products I use on alternate nights, one night i'll use my Vitamin A Serum. It claims to be great for prematurely ageing skin but the reason I use it is because it reduces the appearance of skin discolourations, fine lines and blemishes. The next night I will use my Liquid Gold this product diminish's wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage. Do yourself a favour and go to the Alpha H website and see the results images! Best skincare product ever!!


Every couple days I use my Gentle Daily Exfoliant from Alpha H if you have fairly sensitive skin or your just not a fan of giving your face a red hot scrub with an exfoliator then you need this! It comes in powder form and you just add a few drops of water until its a paste and then apply to your face like a mask. Another product I use regularly is the Essential Hydration Cream I love this for days off when I have no make up on and I want my skin to look more hydrated and radiant. I've also recently ordered a new product, Alpha H's new Liquid Gold Rose it's a take on the traditional Liquid Gold but with a special blend of botanicals that give anti-inflammatory and anti-redness benefits. I'm excited to try!


So my lucky mum got a great gift from my brother and I for mother's day this year, we bought her two products from Zoe Foster-Blake's skincare brand Go-To (go follow her on instagram and watch all the video's of her son Sonny). So far mum's loved her two products we gifted, Face Hero and Very Useful Face Cream. So I popped them on my birthday wish list! Regardless of getting these for my birthday or not I will definitely purchase to try!

It seems quite long when I write it out... But really I have a whole cupboard full of more Alpha H that I use just not so much in routine. I'm also a big fan of the Firming Body Therapy, it's a body moisturiser infused with antioxidants and exfoliating properties to encourage a healthy glow, it has a slight pearl shimmer to it almost blurring your skin.

And that's it!


Written by Chelsea Hope




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