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One Another

We've had some beautiful new products arrive in store lately and wanted to show you some new pieces from One Another. Sometimes there is more behind why we choose a brand or product other than it just looking pretty. One Another is a perfect example of that, Rick and Anette Carter started their brand after travelling to India with not-for-profit Opportunity International. After seeing the harsh realities of living in poverty they decided to do something tangible to help make a difference.

This is how One Another came to be. Since their launch 3 years ago they have expanded to working with collectives located in India, Nepal, South Africa, Uganda and Central America, helping provide safe, stable employment with fair pay to over 60 artisans. Their textiles all have a label that is hand-signed by the embroiderer or weaver who made them, because they believe that ‘behind every product is a person’.


Here's some new goodies that have just arrived! Hand loomed cotton khadi in grey and denim and hand embroidered diagonal lines in black. Both handmade in India.


Hand loomed cotton khadi in grey with teal panel and hand embroidered diagnoal lines in black handmade in India. Hand loomed cotton khadi in teal with quilted stitch in black. 

Beautifully hand loomed cotton waffle cushion in charcoal and black. We also have a throw rug available in this design! Both handmade in India.


Textural X design beautifully hand knitted from ink t-yarn. Contrasting textured stitches, hand knitted from ink t-yarn. Both handmade in South Africa. 


It's nice to know when you purchase a product by One Another you are also helping someone rise above poverty.


Written by Chelsea Hope






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