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Laundry Inspo

Laundries are often the room in the house that get the least amount of thought when building or renovating. Unfortunately it's a room we spend a lot of time in so it's worth making it pretty and functional. We've got some tips and design inspiration on laundries for you all today.


If your like me and you live in an apartment or maybe just a small house with not a lot of space then a hallway laundry or laundry behind a cupboard is soo convenient for you. You really don't need a whole room for your laundry, you just need to be smart about your design and stack your washer & dryer to take up less space (hopefully your not too short). Also having overhead shelving and cupboards to maximise storage. Images via pinterest and @designstuff_group.


Another genius idea for your laundry that not many of them have is hanging space!! Oh my goodness will your life be easier. It's so annoying when your doing the washing and you have tops or shirts that need to be hung on a hanger on your clothes horse (ps isn't that such weird name for something?). Just grab it straight out of the wash and pop it on a hanger in your laundry there and ready. Images via pinterest.


Then you can't for get the important details of what tiles and cabinetry to choose. I personally think a crisp white colour scheme is best suited for your laundry space, keep it bright and clean. The two featured below are the perfect example, a nice white base all over with the added feature of some marble tiling. I also love the wooden bench top and the brass wash tub! Images via @threebirdsrenovations and @juliaandsasha.


 Hope you all enjoyed reading and found some home inspo!


Written by Chelsea Hope




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