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Kitchen Inspo

AS many of you know it's easy to spend a little too long on instagram drooling over all the beautiful home and interior photos and maybe sometimes sobbing because it's also a little depressing too if your home doesn't look like all these photos...

But if you'd like to drool some more here's a look at my kitchen mood board from some of my fave instagram pages.

I'm going to start with my all time fave thing in kitchens and houses at the moment and thats paneling, ugghhhh i love it soo much!! I'm obsessed with weatherboard homes so paneling inside the home just ticks all the boxes for me! If you look closely this beautiful kitchen even features a timber panelled ceiling. Image source @designstuff_group

Another thing i love is windows as splash backs, not every kitchen has the opportunity to have bi-fold doors or huge windows that open out to a courtyard so a window splash back is sometimes all you need to make the space larger and brighter. PS that marble bench top... Image source @curious_grace

This isn't so much kitchen specific but i do feel it's best suited in a kitchen mostly or bathroom. Big long lighting tracks, love love! Sure pendant lights are popular but track lighting is just that much better. This kitchen would look no where near as appealing if it were to have simple downlight's or pendants over that bench top. Image source @dotandpop

There is so much goodness in this next kitchen. Navy country style cupboards and draws with brass handles against that timber herringbone floor. Whats not to love here?! I think more kitchens should feature a bulk of colour, another fave of mine is duck egg blue cabinetry! Image source @thelittleinterior

Hope you enjoyed my kitchen mood board, i could have posted 10 more but i shall leave it at this for tonight. 


Written by Chelsea Hope




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