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Antipodean Check Blanket Cypress
The Grampians Goods Co

Antipodean Check Blanket Cypress

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The Antipodean Collection Check Blankets are a bold take on our Heritage Collection; their bespoke, contrasting colour combinations symbolising the coexistence of light and dark within nature, and within ourselves.

We selected these colour combinations specifically to create this exclusive designer range, their THICK check pattern honouring our need to go BIG, to stay open to moments of expansion and grandiose adventures, with BIG feels, BIG dreams and BIG ideas.

The Antipodean Collection Check Blankets will bring an air of optimism into any space; whether it’s inside your home, or accompanying you on spontaneous adventures—lazy paddock picnics, whimsical garden parties, sun-drenched long lunches, BBQs with family & friends when we’re all reunited.

Your Antipodean check blanket is the perfect canvas to the magic hidden in life’s little moments of adventure. Let yourself dream big and DON’T let the bad news stories from our weary world erode your joy, mute your grand adventure dreaming, or steal your ability to tolerate life’s contradictions.


Cypress pine groves can be discovered by the discerning adventurer visiting the Grampians region, with pockets of Oyster Bay cypress pine (Callitris rhomboidea) nestled in Little Desert National Park. Uniquely adapted to survive fire and drought, native Australian cypress varieties are resilient and self-protective, and thrive in the sandstone ridges of the Grampians region.

To us, ‘Cypress’ represents that self-protective pocket within us all. As humans we have a primal, biological response to challenging times, and it’s different for all of us. Some dream, some fight, some scream, some retreat, some stay frozen in time. But regardless, we adapt to protect ourselves, our families and our communities.

Our Cypress Antipodean Check Blanket is an organic olive tone, paired with soft brown to subtly draw out the natural qualities of the blend.

We love our Antipodean Check Blankets because—

  • They have a luxurious and soft feel – they’re not fuzzy so they won’t shed
  • Their thick plaid checks in bespoke colour combinations make a bold yet balanced statement in your home or picnic spread
  • They’re super durable and are perfect for all your outdoor adventures; paddock picnics, garden parties, family BBQs… you name it, they’ll handle it
  • They can double as a travel picnic blanket or a rustic poncho to stay warm at outdoor festivals

69” x 62” | 175cm x 157cm

Ethically woven in India from 75% recycled wool and 25% mixed fibres.


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