Don't be a tourist in Paris

Don't be a tourist in Paris

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  • This is the ultimate bible to Paris unknown
  • It's the Paris guide even Parisians are buying - full of finds surprising even to the locals
  • Think of this book as your new travel companion, your closest Parisian confidante, your endless bottle of wine while in Paris
  • A new and updated second edition (to also change on the information sheet)
  • What's New? - New off-beat investigative walks, collector's addresses, location scouting and people-watching spots, new dining discoveries, in-depth flea market advice, clues for architectural hunting, creative new ways to escape city life without really trying & much more...

If you want to see Paris like it is in the movies, Nessy will show you the director's cut. If you seek the unusual and the underground, she'll take you down the rabbit hole and park you at the mad hatter's doorstep. If you think you know Paris, let Nessy challenge you.